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"Harry Doyle" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> hi guys,
> i've tried a couple suggestions, but nothing is working for me. here
> is a few things from the console that might be helpful. no xwindows
> on this machine, it's just a base freebsd network install with  only
> the necessary packages installed to do the audio stuff it needs to
> do.
> radio# mixer
> Mixer vol      is currently set to 100:100
> Mixer pcm      is currently set to   0:0
> Mixer speaker  is currently set to  75:75
> Mixer mic      is currently set to   0:0
> Mixer cd       is currently set to  75:75
> Mixer rec      is currently set to   7:7
> Recording source: mic
> radio# uname -a
> FreeBSD radio 6.2-RELEASE FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE #0: Fri Jan 12
> 11:05:30 UTC 2007    
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/SMP  i386
> when i issue /etc/rc.d/mixer stop then reboot, the mixer shows set
> to 7:7, but then  it still clips like it does on 90. then i set
> mixer to 7 and it says setting mixer fro 90 to  7.
> i am thinking that /etc/rc.d/mixer gets invoked before kldload loads

Why not putting snd_whatever_load=YES into /boot/loader.conf ? That is
the proper way, once you know the exact module for your soundcard.

.. and please remember to use "shutdown -r now" rather than "reboot"
or "halt". That's the way to preserve mixer settings across boot/power

> the driver because both dmesg and mixer tell me there is no mixer
> device till the machine is up for around 2 minutes. maybe i will try
> the hda enable in rc.conf, but it doesn't seem ac97 on unix is as
> well supported as the windows drivers so i need the particular
> driver i downloaded (i might be wrong).

Ariff Abdullah

... Recording in stereo is obviously too advanced
    and confusing for us idiot ***** users :P ........

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