On Tuesday 18 September 2007 18:28, V.SriSaiGanesh wrote:
> Does FreeBSD 6.2 supports SAS multi-pathing. 

Yes, there is geom_fox. The BUGS sections mentions:
The geom_fox framework has only seen light testing.  There definitely
     might be dragons here.

Do your own evaluation.


There is also gmultipath for 7-CURRENT. 7-CURRENT is not very
far from being released.

> Does FreeBSD has port for linux device mapper tool

No, but it has GEOM which provides a generic framework
for creating volume management kernel modules. Several
modules for several tasks already exist. You can do
encryption, mirroring, stripping, RAID3 and many more.
It might cover your needs(or not).

HTH, Nikos
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