On Sat, Feb 01, 2003 at 10:42:47AM -0500, Michael Walsh wrote:
> I just installed FreeBSD 4.7 on my HP OmniBook 4150 laptop and
> everything runs well.  I have an external modem that I connect to the
> COM1 port (/dev/cuaa0) and I'm able to phone to my ISP without a
> problem.
> This laptop came with a pc-card modem that I'd like to get working, so
> that I don't have to drag around the external.  It's a
>     Xircom RealPort Ethernet 10/100+Modem 56
> As near as I can tell, the system supports and recognizes this card (I
> get beeps and useful looking messages whenever I insert or remove it).
> However, It's not clear to me what device it's associated with.  I'm
> thinking that If I knew the device, all I would have to do is change the
> line
>     set device /dev/cuaa0
> in my ppp.conf file to reflect the pc-card device and everything would
> work.  Is there more to it than this?  All the literature I've been able
> to find on PPP just talks about serial communications.  I have no
> experience with pcmcia devices.
> Any input would be greatly appreciated.

That card should come up as a standard serial device sioN, where the value
of 'N' will, I think, depend on the number of sio devices configured into
your kernel.  For example, if I plug a very similar Xircom Ethernet+Modem
33.6 into my 5.0 laptop I get:

pccard: card inserted, slot 1
sio4 at port 0x3e8-0x3ef iomem 0xd4000-0xd5fff irq 11 slot 1 on pccard1
sio4: type 16450

You should see something similar on your 4.7 machine, provided you have
pccardd running (pccard_enable="YES" in /etc/rc.conf).  Once you know which
sio device the card is using, you know what to put in your 'set device'
line for ppp.  In my case, I'd use /dev/cuaa4.  I imagine your card will
come up on sio4 as well, since the default 4.x kernels have sio0-3 compiled
in, and pccardd will grab the next available device.

A couple of things to watch out for:

- You might need to cd /dev; ./MAKEDEV cuaa4 as root to create the device
  node if it's not already there.

- This card can also function as an Ethernet device using the xe driver.
  You can't use both functions at once with 4.x.  The function you get
  depends on whether the 'sio' or 'xe' entry for the card occurs first in
  /etc/pccard.conf (or /etc/defaults/pccard.conf).  Unless you've changed
  /etc/pccard.conf yourself you should get the sio version of the card.

Hope that helps,


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