Deceased wrote:

I have a serious problem, that I cannot solve my self :(

I have freebsd 6.2 router that has 3 NICs (lan, wan, dmz), suddenly (about two weeks ago) it started to hang without leaving anything in logs. I thought that it was hardware problem. So at first I changed motherboard, ram, cpu, NIC's, PSU, I kept changing everything but it was still hanging :/, reinstalled, but it didn't help.

Then we got brand new PC and I did fresh install of 6.2_RELEAS-200708, but to my surprise it was still hanging. There may by power issues, but in the same place there are 2 more servers : HP Proliant ML310 G4 with windoze and second is simple P4 1.6Ghz with 6.0-STABLE, both of them are not hanging.

Hanging machine is connected to the APC 350 ups, but it does not help.

Thank You for your thoughts.

Read the developers handbook chapter on kernel debugging to see how to go about obtaining the necessary debugging information for your PR.


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