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> port 2525> > On 2007-09-19 14:06, Jack Stone <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:> >
> I can barely read this sort of quoted email. Something in hotmail or in> the 
> way you are posting mutilates quoted text so badly that it is> horrendously 
> difficult to read :-(>
Yes, it doesn't look like that when I send. This is the new "Windows Live" 
version they moved me to just yesterday. Need to see if I can make it do better.
BTW: Have things solved from this 5-year old page:
 > > But, there are 300+ domains + several dozen servers to relay to, so can't 
 > > just send to a single smarthost - or, is there a way?.> > > 
 > > define(`RELAY_MAILER_ARGS', `TCP $h 2525')>> >> > Haven't tried this yet, 
 > > but will.> > > If you are using a mailertable in Sendmail, please show us 
 > > the> mailertable too.>> >> > Mailertable is like this for the 300+ 
 > > domains:> > domain1.org smtp:[]domain2.org 
 > > smtp:[]domain3.org smtp:[]domain4.org 
 > > smtp:[]> > Do you _really_ have 300+ mailertable entries? Wow 
 > > ;-)> > Do all these MTA listeners use the same incoming port (2525)?> 
No, some go to 2525 and some to the normal 25 port.
The above page wasn't real clear on how to configure the normal ones, but using 
the standard mailertable lines solved that. So, now deliver to several Window 
servers with some domains on 25 and other on 2525.
Actually, it's closer to 400 entries......
Many thanks for the help!
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