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> iTunes will be the killer application which will keep you with Windows.

depending, of course, how you use it... if you only use mp3s, there are other
non-apple  tools to manage your ipod. not sure how aac files would be handled,
but i'm am sure you are not the first person to have this question.

And you can always run your licensed version of Windows inside a VM to run
itunes, if that is the one sore point.

> I have not seen on FreeBSD.

most apps that work for linux will run in freebsd too. just search for ipod
managers for linux / freebsd. then cross check which of those apps are in ports
(check in www.freshports.org ) - those apps should be the easiest ones to
setup. Doesnt mean that others will be troublesome, but if it's a port already,
someone else has been kind enough to ensure it works.

> There is actually more software available for FreeBSD than for Windows 
> if you work in the fields of science or engineering. Some ports are now 
> ported so that they can support Windows.

true...specially with the spread of libraries like gtk and python/perl under
windows...win32 ports are popping up everywhere.

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