On Wed, Sep 19, 2007 at 07:17:51PM -0700, Kellen Dale wrote:
> I was wondering what kind of software freeBSD can support.  I am currently a
> windows user but I would like to switch to a Unix operating system.  

What you could do is install FreeBSD inside a virtual machine like Qemu,
to get some experience before you make the big jump.

> The one thing that I am concerned about however, is that since I am
> still a student I must have access to software that will allow me to
> make/view word docs.

OpenOffice, koffice and Abiword can handle word docs, IIRC.

> Also, I need to be able to run iTunes for my iPod. 

If you just want to put MP3s on your iPod, there are several
applications like gtkpod that can do that. If you want to buy songe
online from iTunes you're stuck with Windows or OS X, unless you can get
iTunes to run under the windows emulator Wine. 

> Now I am aware that there is a lot of shareware available

Most of the software available is actually free/open source software.

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