Hi Dan,

One last thing (It's way past my bedtime here ;-p)

> See that "--with-berkeley-db" in there? :-(

A little digging in the mysql ditribution's source files dredged up
the "CONF_COMMAND" variable.


 CONF_COMMAND="--without-berkeley-db"; export $CONF_COMMAND
 perl -pi -e 

Seems to do the trick as far as the build /process/ goes,

 grep berkeley-db ./work/mysql-5.0.45/config.log | grep "$ ./configure"
  $ ./configure --localstatedir=/var/db/mysql --without-debug
--without-readline --without-libedit --without-bench
--without-extra-tools --with-libwrap --with-mysqlfs --with-low-memory
--with-comment=FreeBSD port: mysql-server-5.0.45
--enable-thread-safe-client --with-openssl=/usr/local
--enable-assembler --without-berkeley-db
--with-named-thread-libs=-pthread --prefix=/usr/local
--mandir=/usr/local/man --infodir=/usr/local/info/

See the "--without-berkeley-db" is there, now.  I'll check the build's
output with ldd when the build finishes.

For now, my pooch inists that it's "lights out" <:-}

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