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Wojciech Puchar <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> > not a case of misrepresentations that I have found on network
> > attached hard disk storage devices and Firewire drives.
> > I have one that was expressly advertised on the package to be
> > 120 Gb capacity, and in fact only 111Gb are available for storage.
> common marketlie: telling capacity not in gigabytes (2^30) but in
> billions of bytes. in computers giga always meant 2^30 (like mega
> 2^20 and kilo 2^10) 

Not really, it's mostly to do with the fact that mechanical and
electrical engineers have never really bought into the lazy kludge of
using binary approximations for k,M and G. And there's no incentive
because of the way tape and disk devices are accessed. It's the same
with telecoms too.

The sooner the computer industry get it's act together and starts
using Ki, Mi Gi the better.

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