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I have been using FreeBSD 7.0 since Jan 8 2007 CURRENT on this box which is a desktop for browsing and email with a Dual core AMD CPU setup.
It rocks.

I use FreeBSD 7.0 Current on 2 small mailservers using 3 year old hardware and it is rock solid. I believe the FreeBSD team has really got their act together on this one.

Are you using any of the new features in 7.x? SCHED_ULE, ZFS? Because my only 7.x production server that does crashes daily (luckily it's not a critical machine) and non-server machines are not far behind. If you're not using the "new" features, you could just as well run 6.x :)

I'm actively trying to solve some of these problems, but from my experience (I do a lot of things that may be considered "experimental", but mostly userland-side, I run "vanilla" kernels) 7 simply isn't stable yet. It might be in 7.0, but it's not yet.

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