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>aSe wrote:
>> When a person does a dns lookup to the server and its not already cached,
>> how does It find out the correct name server to use to find the ip?
>FreeBSD comes with a list of "root" DNS servers.  These are master servers
>maintained by many different sources that have information on the top level
> From this list, the DNS can figure out which root server to contact for .com
>or .net or .whatever.  That server then directs your server to the specific
>DNS server that has the information you are asking for.
>This is oversimplified.  If you have forwarders configured, then the forwarders
>check their cache first, before consulting the root servers.
>But the basic method is described there.

Ahh okay, I understand that. Someone once told me the information is 
already downloaded in a list, so the server doesn't have to contact 
root all the time to get ns information. Is this not true anymore?

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