dhaneshk k wrote:
Hi ;

A general question pls excuse me

can any body suggest a backup mechanism for a server machine , which has a web portal , email server ,PgSQL database 4GB size , DNS server, Mailman , and a mediawiki applications running in a single machine .

Can you suggest good solutions , for the server Backup mechanism so that I can restore all the data just before the crashing moment .

pls share your expertise , it will help me lot to secure my data in the server machine ..

Thanks in Advance

Check out BackupPC - it will do rsync backups and store them very intelligently on a remote box - you can set it to backup as often as you like ...

It saved my ass when my FreeBSD co-lo server disk died - I had a backup up to date as of midnight that let me restore the machine (I back it up over a DSL line without problems)

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