On Fri, 31 Jan 2003 08:54:55 -0500, Matthew Emmerton wrote:

>> I remember seeing this posted about a year ago, but I couldn't google
>> it....
>> one my business server, I run Verizon DSL and PPPoE.  I setup it up
>> like with the example they used on Freebsddairy.
>> the problem I ran into, after about 1 week is that the connection just
>> died.  everything is lit up, no log entries in the ppp.log.  the only
>> solution was a 'killall ppp' and restarting in about a minute later,
>> and everything is fine...
>> however, after i did that, I noticed my IP changed.  whereas i've
>> closed the connection b4 and reopened it and got the same IP.  Does
>> this have something to do with ppp not accepting a renewed DHCP IP
>> address?
>PPP doesn't use DHCP; you're confusing two technologies.
>Whether or not you get the same IP after dropping your connection depends
>entirely upon your provider.  Some providers will keep recently-dropped IPs
>around for some period of time so that you can get the same IP back when you
>reconnect, but others won't.
>In most cases, PPPoE service with dynamic IPs are not designed for hosting
>servers (which is the only case where you'd need a static IP).  If this is
>allowable by your AUP, I'd look into using a commercial DNS service that can
>let you auto-update your IPs when they change.  My personal choice is
>ZoneEdit (http://www.zoneedit.com).

sorry, I guess i wasnt clear enough; i do not mind that, what I mind,
is that PPP keeps locking up.

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