In the last episode (Sep 21), Le Cocq Michel said:
> Albert Shih a écrit :
> > Sometime I've a user (or some users but not lot of users) make a
> > very huge transfert through NFS. I don't want that.
> >
> > How can I known at un precise moment who charge my NFS server (I'm
> > root in both side : client and server).
> With some info student it also happen some times in here, and the way i
> find is to launch a tcpdum or ethereal on the server and look at which
> ip appear the more often

I think ethereal/wireshark is your best bet too.  At least with it you
can filter on the userid making an NFS request (it's rpc.auth.uid). 
Unfortunately it doesn't look like there's a summary or analysis option
for NFS, so you'll have to count packets maually...

        Dan Nelson
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