I'm hoping that someone has a good answer for the strange behavior I'm seeing.....

I have a problem with a Tyan Thunder K8SE motherboard with dual Opteron 250 2.4GHz CPUs and a 3Ware 9550 PCI Express four port RAID controller running in RAID 5. 4GB Memory.

Running 6.2, with source downloaded yesterday morning and a complete buildworld/buildkernel

When we rsync a file to the system and then checksum it, we get really bogus results like these:

files# md5 junk
MD5 (junk) = 30d02079596353437f372a99697fb1bc
files# md5 junk
MD5 (junk) = d05e159aecf780678b0f8ef785252498
files# md5 junk
MD5 (junk) = 25c1ec066f4ed37cd9268bdafa0a0639
files# md5 junk
MD5 (junk) = 477a6bb6fc9ccba12bf4e167b39679f8

Yes, that's the same file each time.

We've tried various ACPI settings in the BIOS, moving the memory around, running single CPU, changing the APIC BIOS setting to PIC (system boots faster then, but only runs one CPU), but we're still getting corrupted data reads.

Any pointers welcomed.

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