John Andrewartha wrote:
When you format a disk a percentage of the disk is reserved for a map so your file can be found.
On a UFS it is called the SUPER BLOCKS a master and at least one slave.

Typically these blocks will take up to 8% or there abouts of the disk.

BTW I am not shouting when "SUPER BLOCKS' that's how it's written.

In a root shell type fsck and watch the screen. For more info dig into you docs usually /share/doc or usr/doc there where some really good docs on the UFS

By default 8% of the disk is also reserved for use by the superuser: this extra space isn't displayed in the "Avail" column of df, so when the disk is really full (i.e the root user has filled the disk) it will show negative values. The amount of space reserved can be changed using tunefs(8).

Bruce Cran
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