My experience with Qmail is totally the opposite. It's a great MTA as you
can set it up and then forget about it for the next 100 years. Setup isn't
really a pain anymore with sites like lifewithqmail and qmailrocks. I've
been using Qmail for years and am a very happy mail admin; it's rock solid
and runs more stable than any program I've yet encountered.


Christian Baer wrote:
> On Sat, 22 Sep 2007 02:47:09 +0200 Lotfi kecir wrote:
>> hello. i'm newbbie in Unix especially in in FreeBSD. Recently i have
>> setup
>> one mail server with postfix-dovecot and i would like to migrate it to
>> Qmail
>> server. but i didn't know how to do it. Someone can give help me?
> Why in heaven's name would *anyone* want to do that? I have been using
> Postfix for years now and before that I used qmail - when it was new.
> qmail sucked *bigtime*! It was slow, picky about the filesystem it worked
> on (ReiserFS cause very interresting results), a license that doesn't
> deserve the name and one mistake in the configuration didn't cause an
> error message but instead sent incoming mail directly to the happy bit
> grounds.
> qmail has not really been maintained by the Author over the last few years
> and although it is distributed in source, changes to it are not allowed,
> if you plan to distribute the result. This means that in order for qmail
> to still work today, there is an insane amount of patches out there that
> have to be applied.
> IMHO using qmail instead of Postfix is a gigantic step right back into the
> stone age. Say hello to the dinos for me! :-)
> Regards,
> Chris
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