On Sat, 22 Sep 2007 11:47:06 +0200 Johan Andersson wrote:

> The best MTA is? exim?

Not that this is really a subject for this list, I don't really agree.

We did some studies on several MTAs a while back and found out (quite by
accident) that Exim has some real performance issues. I personally don't
really like the monolithic form of Exim and Sendmail, but Exim seems to be
pretty secure just the same. However, it was impossible for *any* other
MTA to get even close to the performance that Postfix offered on the same
basis (OS and Hardware).

Every MTA has a weakness, just because a strength is often exclusive and
cannot be combined with a different strength. I have been happy with
Postfix for years now. And IMHO, all ratings about what is better are just
about as useless as OS-wars.

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