On Sat, 22 Sep 2007 11:13:58 +0100 Gabriel Dragffy wrote:

> Yeah right. I don't have hands-on experience with any MTA other than  
> Postfix, but I never read a good thing about qmail. Thing is, I work  
> for a design company - we have 3 VPSs two using Plesk and another on  
> extend, I noticed that behind the scenes it is Qmail for all of them.  
> How come it is used by these control panels when it is so poor? Just  
> a small whine from me :)

That question is pretty easy to answer:
The qmail-configuration can be read an evaluated *without* a parcer. This
makes it easy to read and write the configuration and it also reduces
the risk of errors.

If you created a configuration tool for an MTA you'd be looking for
something that will interact well with you tool and probably you wouldn't
look to carefully how well that program does its job as an MTA.

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