Or maybe USB; I can't tell.


Beginning around 5 PM EDT Sept. 21 I upgraded world and rebuilt my
kernel; after rebooting to install the new kernel at about 9 PM, the
system panicked and tossed something like this on the console (I'm
working from memory; it was late and I was tired):

Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode

followed by a bunch of other text, "no dump device", and then a
"reboot in fifteen seconds" countdown.

The process seemed to hang somewhere around initializing or querying
the mouse, a Razer USB.

I rebooted and chose kernel.old; it works fine; and it looks like the
code (I'm working on an uninformed hunch here) for moused.c did change
just before the time I upgraded source.


Again: I'm guessing based on what I see failing in the boot process;
and on the things I can find that changed in the source tree: I can
see other things that changed at about the same time; for instance,
kld.3, kld.c,libutil.h in /usr/src/lib/libutil/; it looks like these
things are relevant to loading ums(4) bits.

Any clues?

If the only way to investigate further is to build a debugging kernel
and configure a dump device, I'm afraid I cannot build any sort of
debugging kernel; I am pretty sure it would render my machine unusable
and given that I've just reinstalled it on June 16, I'd rather not
risk it.
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