Hi again all,

I am having reverse DNS issues so I am posting from another server.

I am astounded at the bandwidth created by my little oops. Something that
does make some sence to me is the . and .. directories. that had never
occured to me. Anyways, the commands I used are quite fresh in my mind as I
was taking my time ensuring I would not do exactly what I did :-(

cd /
mount /dev/da1s1a /mnt
mount /dev/da1s1g /mnt/var
mount /dev/da1s1e /mnt/usr
cd /mnt
<look around a bit...>
cd /mnt
cwd (server shows /mnt)
rm -rf *


I have since been to the terminal, both drives are shiny clean.

The good news is this was a brand new server, not in production.

Anyone want to talk off-list about rDNS?


Grant W. Peel
Server Admin

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