On Sat, 22 Sep 2007 19:18:53 +0200 Heiko Wundram (Beenic) wrote:

>> The qmail-configuration can be read an evaluated *without* a parser.

Excuse my spelling in the last message! :-) I corrected it in this quote.

> Sorry, but that's BS (IMHO).

Don't tell me, tell Dan Berstein (happy hunting):

Observe point 5.

> Any program interpreting some form of input is called a parser, and the
> only distinction is the algorithm you need, i.e.  whether you need a
> "full-blown" stack-machine to interpret the input (think of recursive
> declarations), or not.


I know what the Postfix configuration looks like, I've been over it a
countless number of times. I know it is simple, even to parse, but there
is still no real comparision to qmail's configuration. qmail has several
settings that come "one setting per file". IIRC the other settings go "one
per line", no comments, no spaces, no quotation marks.

I'm not saying the Postfix configuration is not as good or even complex.
qmail's configuration is just easier to read and write if both are done be
an automation, rather than a human.

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