Christian Baer wrote:
On Sat, 22 Sep 2007 19:18:53 +0200 Heiko Wundram (Beenic) wrote:

The qmail-configuration can be read an evaluated *without* a parser.

Excuse my spelling in the last message! :-) I corrected it in this quote.

Sorry, but that's BS (IMHO).

Don't tell me, tell Dan Berstein (happy hunting):

Observe point 5.

DJB has not honored at least one vulnerability in qmail. read the link i posted early in this thread and decide for yourself. theres a word for people who say one thing and do another...

he changes the rules as needed to ensure his bunk guarantee stands. Even if someone found another one he would blame the person who configured it, or make up some other excuse.

none of his software is worth running these days. maybe 10 years ago, but now? no way

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