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Gabriel Dragffy wrote:
> On 23 Sep 2007, at 15:35, Karol Kwiatkowski wrote:
>> Kris Kennaway wrote:
>>> Gabriel Dragffy wrote:
>>>> Hi, trying to find out where the complete packge files are for the
>>>> packges that I compiled from ports. I wanted to save these somewhere
>>>> so I wouldn't have to recompile them in the future. The handbook
>>>> doesn't shed any light on this:(
>>> They are not saved separately but you can create backups using
>>> pkg_create -b.
>> In addition, you can use 'package' (or 'package-recursive') target
>> instead of 'install' to create packages automagically. In that case
>> target directory is set by PACKAGES variable.
>> Have a look at ports(7) manpage for details.
> Many thanks too all who ansered, that's really helpful. I just had a
> hard time compiling lighttpd and php5 together, so wanted to save them
> as packages to spare me the headache in the near future.
> Have read the ports man I see that I can change the PACKAGES in the
> environment, but how do I change the environment. Would I edit
> /etc/make.conf at a guess?

PACKAGES is environmental variable - you'll want to change the variable,
not the environment ;)

To change it system wide permanently - yes, editing /etc/make.conf would
be a good idea. The alternatives are setting it in your shell
environment (depends on what you use) or defining it at install time
(every time) with something like 'make PACKAGES=/some/dir package'. And
there are probably other methods, too :)



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