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Roland Smith wrote:

The things that you should encrypt are /home and maybe /var.

and swap.  Encrypting the swap is really quite important.



Oh you know what? I grabbed an ubuntu disc, in the installation I configured each of the three hard drives with a 1GB partition which became software RAID 1, and the rest of the space another partition which became RAID 5 doodah. I configured all this during the installation using that debian installer, booted no probs. Next thing was to:
sudo -i
sudo aptitude update
sudo aptitude install netatalk -y

OK, done, RAID 5 system, with the OS running on RAID 1, netatlk installed and working a few seconds after, total time was about 45 minutes. I've spent 4 days chasing my tail in freebsd. Wish freebsd would be able to help me out with software raid in sysinstall. I'd still very much like to figure out how to do this in freebsd, but unfortunately spending two weeks to do it makes me look incompetent to my employers. FreeBSD is running a web/database/email server and doing a fantastic job for that, so it might just be a case of horses for courses...


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