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Wil Hatfield wrote:
Well after a year we still haven't tracked down the kernel
panic problems
that are occuring on both our 6.1 and 6.2 machines for those we have had
time to upgrade.  It occurs on 6.1-RC, 6.1-RELEASE 6.1-STABLE,
6.2, you name

We are noticing that all of the dumps are during Exim 4.6x runtime. I am
suspicious of PR-97095 but would like others insights into the

Well, as that PR says, the patch was committed after 6.1-RELEASE,
therefore it is expected that older systems will have the problem.  You
only provided a trace from a 6.1 machine, so if you are saying that it
still persists on an up-to-date RELENG_6 kernel, please file a new PR
with the details.


Unfortunately when I upgraded the machine I have from 6.1-RELEASE to 6.2 it
stopped dumping for me. So I have nothing to analyze. However, I still get
the kernel panics I did before. Same frequency and always Exim.

That is quite contrary to expectations, so you should follow up with the PR. Please try to at least take a photo of the panic traceback from DDB or something.


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