On Saturday 22 September 2007 12:00:41 Dan Nelson wrote:
> In the last episode (Sep 22), David Southwell said:
> > How is the the size of stdout controlled.
> >
> > My query comes about because I had a shell running for ages with
> > unlimited history and found it had gobbled uyp all the space available to
> > stdout!!!
> Could you provide the error message that made you think that stdout has
> a limit?  "stdout" could be anything: tty, socket, pipe, file, etc.  If
> you have redirected stdout from a script to a file, like "ls > ls.txt",
> then it's possible that you filled up a filesystem.

Here is what made me ask the question:
Weekly output report:

Cleaning up kernel database files:

Rebuilding locate database:
locate.code: stdout: No space left on device

Rebuilding whatis database:

-- End of weekly output --

After getting the message I dumped the history and locate.updatedb ran without 
any problem.

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