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I've tried last weekend different setups of IPFW + Dummynet in order to shape traffic. Because my rules did not worked well I've simplified rules as much as possible, until I've reach basics and I've discovered that, having a FreeBSD 6.2 router (cvsuped few days ago to stable) with 2 pipes, one for download and one for upload, downloads from LAN works at full speed of pipe, uploads from LAN works at 1/3 of pipe speed.

Tests was done for ftp upload and download, on 100 mbps network, 90 mbps pipes.

Now my ipfw rules are:
00007 153 15816 allow ip from any to me
00008 144 20434 allow ip from me to any
00010   0     0 allow ip from any to any via lo0
00020   0     0 deny ip from any to
04200   23456   43328 pipe 1 ip from to any
04300   3453     34322 pipe 2 ip from any to
65535  0  0 deny ip from any to any

I've tried lot of rules like:
ipfw pipe 1 config bw 90000kbits/s
ipfw pipe 2 config bw 90000kbits/s
ipfw add 100 pipe 1 ip from any to any in recv fxp0
ipfw add 100 pipe 2 ip from any to any out xmit fxp0

I've tried to shape on outgoing too, on 2 interfaces, to shape in both ways, knowing that shaping is done when packets leave the interface. Every rule I set, I do not have upload with speed more than 3MBytes/s (instead of 9MBytes/s)
Download works well.

The only thing that must mentioned is that router is connected to the other computer from which I do tests (upload&download) using a crossover cable with interfaces configured using Vlans on both sides, the same VLAN ID. (I need this for my complex setup I've tried to achieve).

The computer is P IV 2.8, no other firewall is present, if I "ipfw disable firewall" the transfer rate on ftp upload is at full network cards speed. When using firewall and transferring (uploading), I have 98% CPU idle, I did not noticed any bottleneck on server, the box is very minimalistinc, only with
base installation, midnight commander and few small aps.

Anybody have an idea how could I improve upload speed?

best regards,

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