Lotfi kecir wrote:
HI, thank's for your post.
to give answer to your answer: i rent a dedicated server (Fedora 6) witch
has qmail installed on. and in my old Server witch is in our office turn has
The new sever has as Admin panel Plesk.
I already create all email acounts and now i'm looking to transfert all my
user acount mailboxes.
and i don't have any idea to do it.
Thanks for your help

First item, ignore the qmail haters. We run qmail quite successfully and find it very powerful, very secure, and well designed. I will not go into a point by point debate.

Second item, plesk is a very bad way to run qmail. You will get *no* help on the qmail list if you use the install on plesk. It is a modified version of qmail and the modifications are closed door, at least that is my understanding. So if you do not have an excellent understanding of Unix, and above average understanding of email, and good troubleshooting skills, you are in for a very rocky ride.

By your description of the problem an experienced Unix administrator would have no problem doing what you ask. Consider staying with Postfix as you already know the software. If you insist on switching, ask the Plesk developers for help. It is their software, their install, they should be able to help you.


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