This has been an open question - I dont believe IDE's do much of their own
bad block marking - 

there used to be a utility called bad144 - though I dont know that it did
much - I know SCO has a utility.

On Sat, 1 Feb 2003, Marc Schneiders wrote:

> On 31 Jan 2003, at 19:43 [=GMT-0500], Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> > Marc Schneiders <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> >
> > > I have searched Google to find a solution to mark off these two
> > > blocks/inodes (or however I should call them), so that they will not
> > > be used anymore. All I found is that this is not possible on
> > > IDE. Advise: Throw away the disk. Now this I find a bit radical :-)
> > > Esp. since the disk is about 3 years old.
> >
> > Why is it radical?
> Because it involves a lot of work to backup the disk, open up the
> machine, check it with some software that reports something that I
> could tell Maxtor, have them give me another disk (if they do that).
> Wait, wait, wait. And all this time machine not working obviously,
> which is extra bad since it is the key machine here that connects
> others to the internet.
> All in all I would say 10 hours work, a few weeks of waiting.
> So why not first try something (if it exists, which was my question)
> that does not involve picking up a screwdriver and turning of my
> network here? Or lets say I am poor (which I am) and cannot really
> just run off and buy a new disk? The one with problems may be under
> warrenty, it may not. I cannot tell before I take the machine apart
> and read the serial on the disk.
> Your advise sounds perfectly sound for IBM and Microsoft and the
> Pentagon. But for a home or small office situation, there might be
> another way to deal with it?
> Especially since we are not talking about something 10 years old or
> heavily used in a mailserver.
> > After all, IDE disks already do bad-block
> > remapping internally, so you've built up a *lot* of bad sectors
> > already if they're starting to become visible to the operating
> > system...
> >
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