I know if I poked around enough, I could find the answer, but am up
against the wall here and need a quick solution. I just discovered a
major problem with my sendmail configurations.

Just recently started consolidating servers by virtual hosting apache,
several servers on one box. Problem is that the web app sometimes send
automated emails to users, and now they're getting bounced back because
the emails are going out with "@fakename.mydomain.org" instead of

Since there is no DNS entry for "fakename.mydomain.org", recipient's
mail servers are rejecting these emails from my servers.

So I have an apache box, "fakename.mydomain.org", hosting 5 virtual
hosts with unique domain names that do have public dns records.

I need to all outbound mail appear to be coming from "[EMAIL PROTECTED]"
or "[EMAIL PROTECTED]", as long as it can be resolved by
the remote mail server.

My sendmails are configured to listen on only, since I'm using
to send, not receive.

Please help!


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