On Sat, 1 Feb 2003, Sergey Niunco wrote:

> Device scbus was and is in my kernel config. A few days ago I compiled
> it without a problem.

Did you CVSUP since the lat time you compiled?  If so, you might have done
it during a commit, so something got broken.  Every now and then (maybe
two or three times a year?) I'll get a broken buildworld that is usually
fixed by CVSUPing a day or two layer.

If you have no clue what CVSUP is, or you did not perform a CVSUP, check
your kernel config again.  Although, I don't think that that synatax
errors are usually caused by missing dependancies.

Another possibility (doesn't seem likely, but you neverk now) is that
there's some stale files sitting around.  Remove /usr/src/sys/compile/*
(remove the subdirectories, not the compile directory itself) and try

Hope this helps.

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