Hello everyone,

At the suggestion of someone who responded to my requests for help with
WebGUI, I decided to ask this question here.  What CMS programs would the
community here suggest for use because, to be frank, I'm less than impressed
with WebGUI.  It is for use with my church.  The following are at least some
of the requirements.

1) Most important, it must be completely simple for the computer illiterate
and especially web illiterate to maintain.  Basically, a very simple and
easy to use GUI interface for web site maintenance is a must.

2) Calendaring

3) Username/password authentication to the site for maintenance and upkeep.
Ideally, this system would use OpenSSL or something similar for encrypting
username/password combinations.

4) The capacity for a public and then private side to the church web site.
That is, we'd like the ability to have the "front" end that is available to
the world, e.g. welcome to the church, etc.  Then have an area for church
members to log into that provides greater depth to information access
(perhaps prayer chains, etc.).

They are the must haves for the site, now for the "like to have also" in the

1) Possibly, though probably not a deal breaker if not possible, a system
that would allow a central figure to review changes made by individuals
before being published to the site.

2) Written in PHP.

3) Utilizes PostgreSQL instead of MySQL.

4) Has an integrated (or module available) to allow e-mail access, i.e.

5) If possible, something in the FreeBSD ports collection.

Just a quick review of Content Management Systems from www.freshports.org, I
saw and am interested in comments about tikiwiki.  However, I saw while
looking through Content Management Systems at wikipedia, that there are many
open source, freely available CMS programs to be looked at.  From this site,
I've downloaded and am trying phpWebSite.

Anyone with experience with these systems (CMS, not necessarily tikiwiki,
WebGUI or phpWebSite), your feedback would be greatly appreciated.  Also,
recommendations as to computer "horse" power necessary for these systems
would also be nice.  We're using, what most small churches would probably
use, an older system that was replaced by a laptop for the secretary.  It's
an AMD Duron 700 mHz w/256 mb of RAM.  I'm not planning on running X on this
system, to conserve resources, but should we look into a beefier system at a
later time?

Thanks for any insight into this.

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