In the last episode (Sep 24), Jerahmy Pocott said:
> Okay so here is the situation: Server has dead fd and cd drives, or
> maybe none at all. You want to install FreeBSD on it.
> The idea I had was to create a small partition, copy the contents of
> a cd into, set it to boot off that partition, reboot and it would
> boot up into sysinstall.
> Would this be possible? Or is it a dumb idea?

Definitely possible, but if you've taken the time to remove the drive
and plug it into another machine with FreeBSD on it, you can save
another step and just clone that system onto the new drive and remove
any host-specific config, or fetch the raw distribution files and
extract them onto the new drive.  That way you get a working system
immediately when you put the drive back in the old system.

        Dan Nelson
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