On Mon, Sep 24, 2007 at 11:05:28AM -0700, Predrag Punosevac wrote:
> Steve Franks wrote:
> >The freebsd laptop page is a nice resource, but it's a bit heavy on
> >specifics (i.e. I have a laptop I want to install on), not so good
> >generally (want to buy a laptop).  So anyone have realworld advice?
> >I'm not against something used in the 1GHz+ range.
> >
> ><I have a compaq that is %#&*!^$.  The pcmcia will not work, the
> >ndiswrapper for the broadcom panics, etc.  So, compaq is right out
> >(the've always maintained their poor reputation, no?) - so compaq is
> >out.  Seems gateway has an equally bad rap>
> >
> IBM ThinkPad you can not go wrong.

I'm a huge fan of Thinkpads.  You can go wrong with them, though, if
you're unlucky.  Choose your model well.

> T23, T30 or T43 are $200-400 on ebay. If you are rich T60 by far the 
> best laptop on the market in my opinion.

In general, you'll want to stick to laptops with Intel graphics adapters
to get 3D acceleration support from among those choices.  Some newer
Thinkpads such as the T61 also offer nVidia adapters as an option, which
should also be reasonably well supported by FreeBSD.  Avoid Radeons
unless you don't care about 3D acceleration or like betting on the idea
that the r300 drivers will make it into FreeBSD's X.Org soon.

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