I was looking into snapshots using the doc below to try and see if delta
copies with rsync matched data better if I take a snapshot of a file
system, mount it and rsync transfer the data. Right now, dumps don't
seem to match much data due to changes in the sequences and a very
active mail cache pgsql db.


I created the snapshot and got it mounted, took a minute or so for each
to do this on my /usr ufs file system on FreeBSD 6.2 with 2GB RAM, dual
P4 procs with SMP and RAID 5 (I know, will be changing soon) SATA150
drives. In the midst of doing this, the currently running pgsql db,
remember I said it was very active amavisd-maia supporting two mail
gateways as a mail cache if you know Maia Mailguard, I started getting
these messages and things stopped responding well...

Sep 24 16:59:02 mx1 kernel: aac0: COMMAND 0xc6530fc0 TIMEOUT AFTER 38 SECONDS

Did a reboot, it tooks several minutes to start reboot after the
command. I even got some of these kernel messages after the reboot, not
until I rm -f the snapshot file did it stop. I am wondering how I need
to handle snapshots when trying this, especially if included in a
routine backup script? I haven't made it to the solution part of the
above doc yet, wanted to check here before I try anything again.

Also, haven't tested my rsync until tonight to see if the file system
transfer will make a difference in my ability to match data better. But
I'd still like use the snapshot as a backup solution.


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