Dan Nelson wrote:

In the last episode (Sep 21), NetOpsCenter said:
Anybody know if the IBM LOTUS office package ( Free Software) that is
for Redhat 5 Enterprise Server will run under FreeBSD /Linux ?

We are looking to use an editor/office suite for a client. They heard
about this new offering a couple of days ago.

You're probably better off using a natively-built OpenOffice; IBM just
rebadged it.

I can't find the files that are requires to be installed for the FreeBSD version. The Sun website for JAVA does not have the ones named in the error message that comes up upon completion of an install. This is with either version 1 or 2 of OO.

The other ones are for other than jdk , which is the two mentioned in the error.

I don't believe I have overlooked them as I have tried and read all the ones listed.

I dont think the IBM version is blocked like the FreeBSD one is.

Any Ideas appreciated.

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