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Okay so here is the situation:
Server has dead fd and cd drives, or maybe none at all. You want to install FreeBSD
on it.

The idea I had was to create a small partition, copy the contents of a cd into, set it
to boot off that partition, reboot and it would boot up into sysinstall.

Would this be possible? Or is it a dumb idea?

Boot from usb-memory

or use pxe

However I would choose to connect a CD-player
move the harddisk to some other machine that have a CD and do the install and then move the harddisk back.

I use the attach a CD Rom method on many servers I have built and it works fine unless the HD is too big for the bios on the motherboard. Sometimes you can load FreeBSD 7 on an HD on another box successfully, but if the bios on the box it ends up on will not let it run if the HD is too big.

There are several options.

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