Hi there again, peeps!

Since I still can't get Pidgin to run on this box and it seems that nobody
had any advice for me, I have decided to go at this step by step. I hope
you can bear with me on this one. BTW. The note on the subject, running
Pidgin under FreeBSD, is there because not all people on this list
actually don't use FreeBSD for everything. :-)

If there is someone who runs Pidgin under FreeBSD behind a router and is
willing to help me, would you please do the following:

- run Pidgin from a console or Xterm (XServer must be running) with the -d

- Send the result to me. Pidgin does not share any sensitive data in this
  mode apart from you IPs, which you can change like this: 192.168.x.x. If
  you do this, make sure that I can still distinguisch the private and
  public IPs.

- Let me know how you installed Pidgin (from the ports or with pkg_add).

- Tell me what Version of Pidgin this is.

You might find a post from me on this list, where I described what I am
looking for. Don't worry about that, I just need information because at
the moment I can't do much more than guess what the Problem is.

To give you a short version...
I noticed this in my log:

(00:59:33) stun: using server
(00:59:33) nat-pmp: found a default gateway
(00:59:33) nat-pmp: Attempting to retrieve the public ip address for the NAT 
device at: 192.168.x.x
(00:59:33) nat-pmp:     Timeout: 0s 250000us

Now, IFAIK sofar only Apple has a working implentation of nat-pmp. A
friend of mine runs Pidgin under WinXP behind a similar router as mine,
has no trouble with that and doesn't get anthing about nat-pmp in his log.
His Pidgin retrieves the needed Information var UPnP. This is activated on
my router too (status reports only) but still I think that an IM soft
should work without.

Never mind about that now. Just send me the info and I'll try to make
heads or tails of it.

Thanks and regards!
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