Lowell Gilbert wrote:
Darren Pilgrim <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
There are two sets of commands you can use to build a kernel in FreeBSD:

"Procedure 1" is the old way: config, make depend, make, make
install. "Procedure 2" is the make kernel sequence from makeworld.

Section 9.3 of the Handbook says I should use procedure 1 if I haven't
updated my source tree.  I can understand then need to use procedure 2
if I've updated my source tree, but why shouldn't I use it with an
unmodified tree?
There's no reason you shouldn't.  That section of the handbook
explicitly says that you can use either procedure in that case.
Hey you're right. In the bulleted list just before the two procedures are listed it says, "#If you are building a new kernel without updating the source code...you can use either procedure." After the two procedures are listed, it says, "If you have not upgraded your source tree in any way...you should use the config, make depend, make, make install sequence." That sounds contradictory to me. What do you think?

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