On Tuesday 25 September 2007 19:58, Gary Kline wrote:
>       But trying to parse this from man sed is more than
>       difficule.  And I have yet to find "ba" in the man page.  That is
>       why I asked for some insights rather that to be told to "go read
>       the man page"; to me, that's dismissing the issue rather than
>       addressing it.

Hm, my suggestion was wrong... sed is a bit cryptic to learn from the
manual page. The manual can be used as a reference, if you alread know

So, ba is:
branch to the a label
for example:

My points are:
If you want to learn sed, you have to invest some time.
If you want to ask for an one-liner that does what you want,
that's fine too.

sed isn't only s/foo/bar/. There is a dc(1) clone in sed,
which is at least an amazing accomplishment for sed. You
might want (or not) to learn more things about it.

>       Right.  I always do a perl -pi.bak [...] mostly out of habit.
>       With sed, redirection saved the new output, leaving the original
>       in ``.''  FWIW, I was using the sed on my Ubuntu server.  It is
>       different from the BSD sed that I've used now/then since 1978.

I think this version of sed is different too, since it's part
of BSD since 4.4BSD. It may be compatible with the older BSD
one. The in-place replacement is a non-standard extension which
both BSD and GNU sed share.


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