In some situations that will not work... for example 7.2 completely
fails on a P35 chipset... see my update post for some ideas.


On 9/25/07, Mel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Tuesday 25 September 2007 14:22:56 falz wrote:
> > > Maybe someone can build a WITNESS/DDB kernel, since dumping seems to be
> > > failing?
> >
> > I compiled these options in last night, but I'm afraid I'm not quite
> > sure what special steps I need to do to utilize those options, if any.
> > I built that kernel, booted into it, started xorg with the nvidia
> > driver, it immediately reboots just as it did before.
> >
> > Something else that's odd that just started happening that's similar
> > to the original poster- their xorg.conf was being truncated to zero
> > bytes. Mine somehow gets changed to what appears to be a different
> > version. The bottom line in it is about 20 "U"s, and the 'Driver
> > "nvidia"' lines I added were gone. I have several xorg.conf files
> > named other things, but none have these characteristics.
> I fear it's a hard reboot then, if DDB doesn't catch anything. DDB is a kernel
> debugger, even if dump isn't on, it will catch panic stages.
> Stray bytes and truncated files are another sign of hard reboot. I'm afraid
> only nvidia can catch this one. Try downgrading to Xorg 7.2 and use the 97xx
> series of the driver, then freeze it until you see some solution posted :p
> --
> Mel
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