On Tuesday 25 September 2007 16:46:58 Jonathan Horne wrote:
> i have a server at my office i need to decomission, only problem, there are
> a handful of client that are still talking to it.
> i was wondering if it feasable to down the server, take its IP and stick it
> on our FreeBSD server, and then use pf with rdr statements to redirect any
> traffic from stragglers to the service on the other new server?
> i was trying to to proof it with a line like this in my pf.conf on my
> laptop:
> rdr on $ext_if proto tcp from any to $ext_if port 80 -> port
> 8080
> just to see if i could get an http request to my laptop to redirect over to
> the 8080 on the other ip, but so far nothing.
> a) is what im trying to do... tcpifically possible?

Yes, but a network layout would help. Also, why not put the old IP on the new 

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