Hi guys!

Some great ideas & advice. Thanks a lot :-)

> > /boot *needs* to be on /. A loader looks for [bootdisk][bootslice]
> > [a]/boot/loader.

Ok, gotcha.

> > Since you have 2 physical drives, you may want to do 8G on each drive. In 
> > the
> > rare case it's needed, your system is in trouble and being able to swap on
> > using 2 drives will be a plus.


I did not know I COULD split swap.  Hum.  How does the system
use/allocate each across the split ... Ok, ok. That's what Googling's
for :-)

> > Unless you're a packrat where logs are concerned,

I'm not, really.  I probably SHOULD be.

> you can probably do with:
> > /var 10G (on disk 1)
> > And use:
> > /var/db 100G - this will house MySQL primarily
> > /var/spool 10-50G - any queues, most notably mail, disable softupdates. 
> > Adjust
> > size to match your mail payload.
> > /var/mail - "rest" - possibly disable softupdates.

Good thoughts. Need to better understand why I care about softupdates
one way or the other, though.

> > I'm generally a fan of separating trees that can grow out of proportion over
> > time, so that you can dump(8) the partition and restore(8) it on a new drive
> > without too much worry. Your mileage may vary.

Sounds like good advice.

> > Also have a look at hier(7) manpage, it's quite informative about the 
> > default
> > filesystem layout BSD uses.

Missed that. :-(  Very useful, though!

> Um, from what I've understood, it's going to be a jail server, those
> defaults would
> be all well and good for a normal server, but in this case we want a big
> /data. and moderate /jails.
> Here are my recommendations:

This all sounds good.

> This should be just fine, and you can have your disks in RAID 1.
> As for performance, RAID 1 doubles read speed.

I nvere really thought of RAID 1 as a performance improvement, R or W,
but more fault-tolerance.  I should read up some more.

> PS) I take you know how to use NullFS and the like?

I'm currenly at "can".  Working on getting to "know";-)

Thanks all!

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