Hey Fans! :-)

Vince wrote:
> Hope this is enough. I stripped some email addresses out but otherwise
> untouched. I only use it for ICQ/MSN and have never bothered trying
> anything more than messaging (no voice etc.)

Dmitry Gorbik wrote:
> Ok, there is my log in attach. No problems coming through gateway
> I also have:
> (19:53:30) nat-pmp: found a default gateway
> (19:53:30) nat-pmp: Attempting to retrieve the public ip address for the NAT 
> device at: 192.168.x.x
> (19:53:30) nat-pmp:     Timeout: 0s 250000us
> (19:53:30) nat-pmp: Response was not received from our gateway! Instead from: 

> All pidgin feautures (file recieving works well).

And last, but not least, Tuc at T-B-O-H.NET wrote:
> Pidgin 2.2.0, installed via ports
> Comments:
> Getting the response from was weird, since that IP
> is outside of the RR.COM domain!
> Debug any help?

First of all, thanks to all three of you for sending me your
debug-messages. I've had a few days of hardcore-work lately (the work that
I get paid for) and didn't get much done on Pidgin. :-/

I did get at chance to take a close look yesterday though and I'm afraid,
I'll probably let this thing go. First of all, I was hoping that you guys
didn't get that nat-pmp messages. A friend of mine who uses Pidgin under
Windows doesn't get them either. If this were the case, I'd habe a pretty
good guess ready as to what lib I'd have to examine - it might even just
have been a quirk in the make and/or configure options.

Since this isn't the case, I'd have to look through a ton of libs and fine
out where this problem is actually coming from. And that could be very
extensive. For all I know at this point, it might even be a problem with
FreeBSD on sparc64 - and *that* is something I really don't feel like

I've already started a thread a thread on the Pidgin support mailinglist,
but the response there was everything but promising. I even supplied debug
info using the gdb (as we had on this list too). There was no response
worth mentioning. I got a few questions but not even a rough direction in
which I should look a little harder. The mailing list had extremely little
traffic for the time that I have been on it, so I guess the comunity isn't
all that active. The very thin documentation on the Pidgin home page seems
to suggest this too. The *programming* community is very active - I can
read the sf-statistics too. :-) But that won't help me much if I can't get
in touch with them using normal channels and bugging the developers with
problems is usually not a good idea.

Well, since I keep in touch with a lot of people at my university via IM,
I took a look at the daughters of other mothers :-) out there. Somehow I
got stuck with Kopete which at first looked a bit crappy to me but I was
completely wrong about that. It looks good and it feels good, which means
it's both fun *and* productive to work with. Ok, you have to play around a
bit with the themes for the chat windows (displaying a big avatar for
every line written is pretty silly in my eyes), but you can quite easily
get a window that is both good to look at while still keeping the emphasis
on the communication, not on eye candy. Besides that, I like Kopete's
buddy list because each contact is a meta-contact by default and behind
his or her avatar all the services with wich he or she is online are
listed, so you can choose what protocol to contact this person with. This
is important because file transfer isn't supported with all protocols.
Pidgin requires more effort for this, because you have to open the list
for a meta-contact first.

I will be investigating why Pidgin didn't run on my machine, but I won't
be doing that at full throttle...

BTW. If anyone needs a new buddy in his or her list, let me know. :-) But
contact me via private eMail first, please. I'm not to crazy about
publishing my UIN or whatever on a mailing list that can bei viewed on the
web by anyone.

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