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>> If you can live without the pretty pictures, you can configure Mutt to use
>> an external browser like lynx or links to display HTML.
>> Otherwise, you could give Claws a closer look.
>             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> After I read your replying mail, I investigated the Claws. I am
> considering for moving from this Evolution to the Claws.

Evolution is quite a bit more than Claws, as it is supposed to be a clone
of Outlook (IIRC). But Cleaws is pretty sexy, because is small and quite

> But still Thunderbird will remain as the best MUA to me.

Not to me. Thunderbird is also a newsclient and in that capacity there are
several things missing. If you've ever used something like slrn, you'll
miss the scorefile like hell. Thunderbird also has one of the main
weaknesses of any GUI program: It's slow. If you get up to 60 eMails each
day which you not only have to read but also answer, you'll be happy to
have a mail- and news-client that lets you keep your handy on the keyboard
instead of making one had jump between the keyboard and the mouse all the

Since I moved to Unix (it was Linux back then), I have always used
textbased mail- and news-clients. I started off with elm and tin. Unlike
many others, I didn't really have a problem moving on to Mutt. Today I
prefer slrn over tin, but at university I still use tin. Both are fast and
easy to use. I just like the split screen while reading, because then I
can see the thread as well as the current article at the same time.

> Thank you so much!

No problem. Always here to help. :-)

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