>     I have a server with apache that serves pages to an intranet. Now 
> we want to add another server application (cvs and pgsql) to another 
> intranet. Of course we can buy a new server to do that, but i want to 
> know if i can add a new ethernet card to the current server and force 
> apache to serve to one intranet and cvs/pgsql to the other intranet.

Yes, you can have several ethernet cards, each with an IP in a
different subnet. You can run every application on what subnet(s) you
decide, but the exact way to bind one application to one or more IP is
depending on the application itself.

>     I think that by default, freebsd will balance the charge between 
> both cards, is it true??

No that is not true. If you have both card in the same subnet, I am
not sure what would happen, but I beleive no load balancing.


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