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    I have a server with apache that serves pages to an intranet. Now we
want to add another server application (cvs and pgsql) to another
intranet. Of course we can buy a new server to do that, but i want to
know if i can add a new ethernet card to the current server and force
apache to serve to one intranet and cvs/pgsql to the other intranet.
    I think that by default, freebsd will balance the charge between both
cards, is it true??

Most applications will listen on *all* interfaces by default. I'm not aware of an application that *cannot* be configured to only listen on one IP address, but there may be some.

In the case of apache, you simply edit the Listen attribute and then restart the service.

Listen x.x.x.x:80

I don't use postgres, but I'd bet it has the option as well. Mysql certainly does. You just need to read the man pages for each app (or online docs) to find out what config option you need to use and what the syntax needs to be. Or Google it.

BTW, you don't really need a second nic.  You can alias the first one.

In /etc/rc.conf use ifconfig_interface_alias0="IP Netmask"

For example, from a live setup:

ifconfig_bce0="inet netmask"
ifconfig_bce0_alias0="inet  netmask"
ifconfig_bce0_alias1="inet  netmask"

Since you would be using different subnets, you set the netmask appropriately for that subnet. When you alias on the *same* subnet, all the alias netmasks have to be "non-conflicting", according to the man page, so you use the netmask I use above.

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