Hello List,

I've been reading the list for a few weeks now and trying out 6.2STABLE. I've been using Linux for the past 6years and dos/windows a lot longer before that. Now I'm trying out something new and I really like it. Even better, there are both a mailing list and a newsgroup for support, wahay! no [expletive] forums! IMHO something that is done FOR the users and for which I am truly grateful.

I've checked out all the main functions I want from FreeBSD and had them all working (hehe, but since broke some) so I'm happy it will do the things I want so far.

First question, what is recommended regarding doing updates. Is it best to just do all of them? I have always had problems doing this e.g. with Mandrake and other Linuxs and so am reluctant, but if it is usual I'll give it a try. (I'm also reluctant as I assume a full update will update xorg to 7.3 and I have 7.2 installed with the latest nvidia 9# driver and it works beautifully so would rather stay with that.

I have read the Handbook, but still have a problem understanding how to map my ext2 and ext3 partitions to the UFS notation. e.g. I have a drive hda, it has a swap an unused space and four partitions one of which is my home partition hda7. How do I refer to this home partition using ad0??? notation (as this is what I understand I need to do, if not please enlighten). I have installed the ext2fs utilities/drivers and can mount an ext2 fs written on dvd without problems.

I intend to do a completely fresh install and would like to compile for my specific pc kit. Would I be best doing this following installation and initial setting up? and is it possible to load something from a package now and later reinstall from ports?



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