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while playing with SBCL and the editor slime, I found that slime needs some ("fast loadable") files in /usr/local/lib/sbcl/.. (with .fasl suffix) to be set executable.

Was this forgotten by the port authors or is there some tricky LISP way to do it automatically (i.e. is it a bug or a feature)?

A FASL file is a compiled lisp file. If you check in that folder there will probably be another file there with the same name and the extension .lisp instead. There is no need to have a fasl file, the lisp system can load and compile the .lisp files as needed. If you feel like speed up the load process you can of course compile those files. Note that for the files to be saved you must have write permission in that folder, so the easiest way might be to start sbcl as root and then it will load and compile the files to FASL. Next time you start sbcl the lisp will load the compiled files.

If there's more, or you just forgot to tell us the error messages contained aditional problems, please repost with all the errors inlcuded.

Hope that helped. More specific lisp questions can be taken to #lisp @ freenode.net where I and others chat and answer questions.



Peter Ulrich Kruppa

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